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Donegani UK Family Trees - 18th and early 19th century
These family trees show the first three generations of early Doneganis who arrived in the British Isles in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  

These are "works in progress" so we cannot be sure we have everyone in the right tree ! The trees show only birth, death and marriages information, where we have been able to find it, for each individual - drop us an email if you are struggling to find these individuals in genealogical databases or you are interested in seeing further information on the early UK Doneganis or you have information to share.

A few notes:
- unmarried couples are included where they had offspring or where there is some evidence of a relationship other than "Housekeeper". These relationships are displayed using the same "double-line links" as those for married couples,
- we have not made speculative links between the different families though there are clues that they were linked. Examples include the link between Mark Donegani (Staffs/Salop) and Francis Donegani (Staffs) and links between Joseph Donegani (Warks and Northants) and Austin Donegani (Northants),
- there is no chart for Anthony Donegany of London (c. 1794) or Joseph Donegani of Edinburgh (c. 1840) as we have only fleeting glimpses of them as individuals.

c..2020-2023 Karen L. Donegani
Photo: Moltrasio, Lake Como 2017, courtesy of Josh Donegani
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